Auto & Transmission Repair

Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement
We are a specialty repair shop with state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and service air conditioning systems. San Antonio-owned since 1958, we have been providing air conditioning repair solutions for a full range of motor vehicles including cars, light and heavy duty trucks, and RVs. Our team specializes in air conditioning and building custom hoses.

Auto Air Conditioning Service:

• Shift linkage or cable
• Purity check
• Performance check
• Add refrigerant and oil as indicated
• Check for system leaks
• Visually inspect hoses, belts, and fans

We Also Offer:

• Recommendations and estimates when needed
• Custom hose assemblies
• Rebuild older hoses
• Compressor replacement
• Evacuate and recharge systems repaired by vehicle owners
• Repair and replacement - heater cores, valves, and controls

Our trained technicians adhere to all state and federal regulations regarding vehicle air conditioning systems. We have the highest commitment to quality service.