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Transmission Service

Since 1958, AARCO has been San Antonio's transmission specialists. Our strength is Transmission Repair and our technicians can rebuild transmissions, transfer cases and differentials on site. Our transmission repair comes with a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY.

Transmission Repair

Problems with your transmission can seriously limit the ability for your vehicle to operate. Rebuilding or replacing your transmission can be costly; however, not all transmission problems require a rebuild or replacement. Some problems that may occur include:

• Low Transmission Fluid Levels
• Dirty Transmission Fluid Filter
• Worn Transmission Bands
• Worn Transmission Gears
• Faulty Torque Converter

Transmission Rebuild

Sometimes there are major problems that occur within automatic and manual transmissions resulting in a need to rebuild them. Rebuilding an transmission involves the complete removal of the transmission from the vehicle and a complete disassembly of the transmission. In the process of rebuilding, transmission technicians inspect and replace the following:

• Transmission Band
• Torque Converter
• Transmission Gear
• Transmission Gasket and Seal

Transmission Diagnostics

Our technicians can pinpoint the root of your transmission problems, so we only repair what needs fixing and nothing more. We will inspect the controls under the vehicle for any possible cause of the problem external to the transmission including:

• Shift linkage or cable
• Vacuum connections
• TV Detent cable/linkage
• Engine performance
• Harness connections
• Ground connections
• Engine idle
• Mounts
• Final drive
• Axles and shafts
• U-joints/CV joints
• Fluid retention
• Pan gasket
• Wire condition
• Scan the computer for trouble codes.

Most problems with your transmission will be revealed in the initial external diagnostic scan; if not, we will perform a computer and internal diagnostic scan. This will determine if an electronic component is affecting your transmission performance.

Clutch Repair

People who have cars with manual transmission tend to like the acceleration abilities they offer, however, along with the advantages of manual transmissions there are problems that arise that are specific to them. One major problem that arises in manual transmissions is a problem with the clutch. Some problems that occur may include:

• Slippage
• Changes in Clutch Pressure
• No Release
• Failing Bearings and Actuators
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